Product Manager-TRANSACTION BANKING-Product Manager

Work job
• Cooperate with different item directors and execute client ventures on advanced channels
• Plan client venture by leading ease of use study, execute UI/UX process, and own item guide
• Guarantee consistent execution of item life cycle processes from thought to definite send-off
• Make advertising efforts to build reception of advanced channels by clients
• Coordinate with inside partners across like showcasing, risk, and so forth to plan a top tier advanced arrangement
• Liaising with all significant partners in the bank for fundamental endorsements.
• Extensively test the framework alongside basic partners and sort out for a sign-offs
• Responsible for commitment time, application evaluations, client maintenance, and client in-application ventures
• Work on contest benchmarking
• Coordinate with BSG and IT group to give a goal to issues looked by corporate clients
Work prerequisites
• 3 + long periods of involvement with the advanced item the executives
• Information about computerized item advancement and life cycle the executives
• Great comprehension of innovation, and solace with the item the board cycles, for example, composing item prerequisite reports, overseeing item excesses, and making guides
• Solid correspondence and techno useful expertise
• Understanding and working with APIs driven business processes
• Burned through a year (candidate for same grade job)/eighteen months (candidate for next grade job) in a similar division work job area.
• Applications can be made for jobs at the same level or one level above.
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